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William E. (Jack) Bass, Sr.
William E. (Jack) Bass, Jr.

William E. (Jack) Bass, Sr. (1919-1984)

William E. (Jack) Bass, Jr. (1942-1993)

Graduate of Appalachian State  

Graduate of Wofford College, Spartanburg, S.C. in 1964
Married Helen Sherrill Bass and had twins, William E. "Jack" Bass & Helen Bass Married Rosemary Newton Bass and they had two daughters, Katie & Molly
Started Bass-Smith Funeral Home with Richard Smith in 1948 Very active in politics  

Served as County Coroner for many years

Helped his father run the funeral home & took over the business when he died

Active in politics, Legion Baseball

Coached Midget League Basketball for 12 years
Married Faye Daughtrey Bass in 1972  
Honored in 1991 with a seat on the Board of Directors for National Selected Morticians
Was active in the Funeral Home until his death in 1984 Died in 1993 at which time his wife Rosemary Bass took over management of the funeral home with help from her two daughters who remain active in the business

Katie, Rosemary and Molly Bass

Left to Right: Katie, Rosemary and Molly Bass. 

Original Ambulance

The First Ambulance, known as the "Easter Egg"

W.E. "Jack" Bass, Jr.  

Joining the Company

W.E. "Jack" Bass, Jr. joined the company after his 1964 graduation from Wofford College, overseeing significant growth in the firm  

The First Ambulance, aka "Easter Egg"